End of the Year Exam and Testing Information
Underclass information on end of the year testing/exams
Posted on 04/09/2018

Last school year, Auburn High School served as the MCPS pilot school in the elimination of mandatory final exams for all students in all subjects, removing the need to establish a traditional “Exam Week” at the end of the school year and relieving the “testing overload” for students who end up taking multiple AP tests, SOL End-of-Course (EOC) tests, and final exams. MCPS is considering divisionwide implementation of this initiative in 2018-2019, subject to School Board approval. This spring Blacksburg High School will join the pilot program.

Typically, final exams have been administered during the last week of the school year, preceded by weeks of AP and SOL EOC testing. Though the majority of our students are usually exempt from exams, qualify for waivers, or submit final projects as their final exams, a Final Exam Schedule has been created to provide structure for students who were required to take traditional final exams.  

Without the need to administer traditional final exams, students will gain instructional time prior to both AP and SOL EOC testing, tests that take place at the end of a respective course, and lower student stress levels as they take them. All students will still be required to take midterm exams, offering them valuable cumulative-style exam-taking experience in preparation for college expectations.   

During the final weeks of each course (prior to May 9th for SENIORS, and May 15th for students in GRADES 9-11), teachers will design and identify a “final evaluation” that allows them to assess student learning, skill attainment, and application ability in a manner that better reflects relevant real-world situations/experiences. These performance-based evaluations will provide a more authentic assessment of students’ cumulative learning in a course and will be connected to some meaningful essential question that has genuine value outside of the classroom. These “final evaluations” should be addressed in all teachers’ syllabi along with the relative weight they will carry toward final grades.  

Examples of such assessments may include: 

  • Narrative, expository, argumentative/persuasive, or research essay that promotes conversation and reflection with others
  • Artistic interpretation
  • Performance demonstration
  • Musical performance
  • Take-Home Test
  • Portfolio
  • Individual and Group Project (Project-Based Learning)
  • Individual and Group Presentation/Demonstration
  • Inquiry-Based Lab

These “final evaluations” are a REQUIREMENT FOR ALL STUDENTS (there is no “exemption” or “waiver”). In classes with an SOL EOC test, cumulative activities during the final weeks of the course will prepare students for this final evaluation. Teachers may use students’ scores on the SOL EOC test in the calculation of final course grades. Any student may also request a traditional final exam (in addition to any other required final evaluation) that will only count if it raises the final grade for the course. 

Final Exams are still required in all “Dual-Enrolled” (DE) and Virtual Virginia courses; however, a performance-based final evaluation may be substituted for the traditional final exam. 

BHS testing calendar for May, with May 25th designated as the last day of the school year.

* Please note the following:

  • After May 14th, students will only be required to attend school for scheduled SOL EOC testing.
  • As SOL scores are received, students identified as eligible for expedited retakes will be required to attend school for remediation sessions and scheduled retakes:  
            *  Prior to May 18th for SENIORS
            *  Prior to May 29th  for students in grades 9-11 

If you have questions regarding our new exam policy and schedule, please feel free to contact me any time. For questions related to an individual course, please contact the teacher of record for that course.